Do you ship your products worldwide?
Yes we do!

How much is Shipping and Delivery?
Feel free to add all the items you're interested into your shopping cart! Our store will automatically add up the cost of shipping for you once you put in your shipping destination.

What is your return policy?
Our return and replacement policy is simple. If you are unhappy with your product, please let us know and we will look into it for you! At we progress towards perfection, but sometimes we run into bumps along the road. We appreciate your continued loyalty and feedback. If you are unhappy about a product you have received, or maybe received a defective product, please let us know and we'll work towards rectifying your situation.

Is there a discount on shipping if I combine products?
Yes Definitely. Because of the nature of our items, our products are generally pretty light!

My product feels very light, are you sure there is anything in it?
Yes, your product is full! Because we are simply bottling air which has no weight to it, your bottle is actually full of premium goodness. Press down on your nozzle and you will feel the premium air coming out of it!

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Why do you call your products Vitalityair?
We call our products Vitalityair as we believe with our products, it brings good Vitality. Vitality is defined as "exuberant physical strength or mental vigor:" As we specialize in air products, we figure what better than to name our products Vitalityair - meaning air that will provide exuberant physical strength or mental vigor.

How many inhalations can you get per can?
The correct answer for this question is please view our specific product listings. Each of our products come in various different sizes for your convenience. Each will have a different volume. Also, the amount of ihalations you get per can will also depend on how long you and heavy you release your product.

How much Vitalityair should I be using?
There is no set amount of usage for Vitalityair. We recommend you use us at least 3 times a day, with 4 inhalations each time. Others choose to use us for 1 continuous hour a day, every day. There really is no set method. Whatever you feel helps to enhance your vitality. You can use our product repeatedly as required.

Can Vitalityair products be used for medical purposes?
We would not recommend using our products for medical purposes!

1. What does it taste like?
We describe it as a fresh, clean taste, like it’s missing something. That’s because it’s missing the pollution and other particulates that cloud the experience of breathing pure mountain air.

2. How many breaths are in each can?
Vitality Air offers two different sizes of air currently, and they offer around 80 to 120 breaths on average. Different people have different sized breaths, but you can expect a lot of fresh air.

3. Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely. We have customers from North America to Asia enjoying fresh mountain air.

4. What kind of person generally buys air?
At first it surprised us that just about everybody is enjoying Vitality Air. Of course people in polluted areas love our products, but many customers just want that feeling of breathing premium air.

5. Is this product pure oxygen?
This is not a pure oxygen product; it is bottled right from the natural air of the Rocky Mountains. That puts the oxygen content at around 21%, the normal quantity people breath.